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What you Need to Know about the 3 Credit Report Bureaus

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If you want to know more about the three major credit bureaus, you've come to the right place. Here's an overview of their services, and the differences. Although they offer similar services, the algorithms and models used by each bureau are very different. Cross-checking each report with another bureau is essential, since errors and clerical error may occur on reports that are unique to each bureau. How can you utilize all three to your benefit?


The purpose of a credit bureau is not something you might be wondering. TransUnion is a company that monitors borrowers' credit histories, and generates credit reports. Along with Equifax and Experian, TransUnion is a credit bureau that financial institutions review when deciding whether to extend credit or not. Its website allows consumers to access a free credit file and detailed information regarding fraud and identity thieves.

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Your credit report contains information about your credit history, address, and money owed. It also reflects your payment history. TransUnion is a reliable source of this information and offers free identity protection with TrueIdentity. This service is used every day by more than 1 million people. TrueIdentity also offers credit alerts, up to $25k identity theft insurance, and is a great choice for credit score protection.


Equifax USA is the most prominent credit-reporting organization in the US. Equifax has 11 offices and collects data on more than 222,000,000 people. The company offers a variety consumer and business credit products including a credit lock product, comprehensive credit-monitoring solutions, and a credit lock product. The company has gained notoriety for a 2017 data breach, for which it settled for $575 million and is now offering free credit monitoring and identity theft protection. Other companies that use Equifax to gather consumer information include financial institutions, healthcare providers, retailers, utilities, and government agencies.

While the industry may be dominated primarily by the "Big Three," these three companies are also responsible to a wide variety of consumer services. These companies can help you find the right credit program for you. These credit reporting agencies provide free credit scores. Experian and Equifax offer free identity theft detection and credit monitoring services. This makes it easy to protect credit scores. Follow these steps to improve your credit score.


Although TransUnion and Experian may have some differences, they are all the same credit reporting agencies. Experian is based in Costa Mesa, California, and offers data to businesses in more than sixty countries. TransUnion, a credit reporting agency based in Chicago, Illinois, oversees millions of people's credit histories around the world. Experian provides consumers with free credit reports and scores, and explains your rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

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Credit scores are complex and may vary among bureaus. Each credit bureau calculates your credit score differently, and they may be wrong. You may get a different score if your name and payment history are the same. These differences do not mean Experian is useless. It is vital to fully understand the work of each bureau in order to safeguard your financial security.

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What you Need to Know about the 3 Credit Report Bureaus